Is your home an easy target for burglars? It doesn’t have to be. With a few simple adjustments, you can secure your home and help prevent a break-in. End opportunities for robbers to steal from you by burglar-proofing your home with these tips.

Landscape Around Your House

Hedges and other brush can create hiding spots for thieves. Keeping your shrubbery neatly trimmed or reducing the amount of shrubbery you have around your home eliminates these hiding places, exposing a would-be burglar.

Hide Valuable Items

Leaving expensive items outside, such as a bike or grill, can make it easy for a robber to take the items because they won’t even have to enter your house! Storing these items out of sight, either in the garage or a storage shed, makes stealing from your home challenging and inconvenient.

Install Motion Sensor Lighting

Burglars don’t like well-lit areas because they’re more likely to be caught than in the dark. Therefore, put motion sensor lights at the entrances to your home to completely expose intruders in the light. They will feel uncomfortable sitting in the direct light and be encouraged to abandon their robbery attempt.

Don’t Leave Keys Outside

Many of us put a spare key, in case of emergency, under an outside mat or hidden location nearby. The problem is burglars know it’s common practice to keep a spare key on the perimeter of their home. By putting a spare key outside, you are allowing a robber to gain access to your home. A lock box is a more secure method should you need to have a spare outside your home.

Get a Home Security System

It’s a good idea to do some research and find a home security system that suits your needs. Most systems alert you when burglars are breaking into your home and will notify police at the same time. Displaying that you have an alarm system will make robbers think twice about entering your home. And, the sound of a loud alarm going off will deter robbers from trying to break in.

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