How to Transform Your Patio Into the Outdoor Oasis of Your Dreams

If you’re fortunate enough to have a deck, porch or patio, it’s time to start thinking about sprucing it up for summer. Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home, so why not make it even more inviting by incorporating a few elements that add personality and style?

Could your patio use a refresh? Transform your backyard into the outdoor oasis of your dreams with these patio decorating ideas. We’ll show you some easy ways to add style that stands the test out time without busting your budget!

1. Paint

When brick, stucco, tile, fencing and cinderblock look tired and dated, a splash of paint is a quick and affordable way to breathe new life into your outdoor space.

The colors relegated to patio and outdoor décor tend to be shades of brown, brown and more brown. Why not experiment with an unexpected color? After all, it’s only paint.

Palms pop against a striking black background.

Tropical colors like pink, yellow and turquoise are summery, playful and instantly transport you to Palm Springs.

Limewashed brick and a Southern-style haint blue ceiling transform this porch into a summertime sanctuary.

Cobalt blue is a daring choice for any space, but it works quite well for a patio. Pair this saturated shade with furnishings in more muted colors to prevent it from becoming too over the top.

Concrete and white are clean, natural and anything but boring when paired with the right mix of décor.

If you’re not ready to take the painting plunge, test the waters by painting steps or an accent wall.

2. A solid foundation

The foundation of your outdoor living space is such a great opportunity to add a little flair. Whether you’re working with wood, tile, brick, stone, grass or concrete, keep it clean and well-maintained. That way, your outdoor oasis always feels like just that: an oasis.

Laying down tile or pavers is a splurge, but it adds visual interest and makes an area feel more defined. Plus, investing in something so high-impact makes decorating everything else a breeze. When you’ve got one big element that does all the talking, you can decorate with more affordable furnishings and the space will still feel polished and put together.

Still, real tile can be really expensive. If you’re not one to shy away from a DIY project—and you have the patience to spare—fake your own with stencils and paint to save some money.

3. Shade

Nothing puts a damper on summer fun like the scorching summer sun. Some kind of shade-making element is absolutely essential, whether it’s a pergola or an umbrella in a bold shade or pattern. 

4. Lighting

You may be dueling with the sun during the day, but don’t forget to make sure your patio is well-lit long after the sun goes down. That’s prime patio time!

Turns out string lights aren’t just for decorating during the holidays. String lights will make your outdoor living space stand out, and there’s just something about their ambiance that makes you want to linger.

Strands of string lights look so sophisticated. Who can resist their warm glow?

String lights draped above Adirondack chairs and a fire pit feel cozy and inviting.

Install weather-resistant rope lighting to illuminate walkways or draw attention to landscape features.

5. Rug

A patio without a great rug that ties everything together feels a little bare. Adding a great weather-friendly or indoor-outdoor rug is an instant upgrade for your outdoor living space. They add so much style and can be used to designate spaces, like a dining or lounge area.

Jute is natural, textured and complements just about everything. Take good care of it, and you’ll be able to use it year after year. Just update the accessories to switch up your style.

Layer rugs for a vintage, bohemian look.

6. Greenery

What’s a patio without plants? Whether you want your patio to look like a greenhouse or you prefer something more minimal, adding a touch of green can make your backyard feel like a lush, tropical oasis.

If you don’t have a backyard full of natural greenery, make your own. There are plenty of plants that thrive in containers, making them perfect for balconies and other small spaces, and they also cut down on maintenance.

You could also attach casters to larger planters for easy rearranging.

Berry plants and citrus trees do well in containers if they’re the right variety and get enough sun.

Stock your space with a variety of colorful plants in decorative pots and planters.

Plants like ferns, hostas and creeping phlox provide lots of ground cover, transforming what might otherwise be an empty garden bed.

Pots of palms and lush hanging baskets make a patio feel complete.

7. Pops of color

To prevent your patio from turning into a sea of shades of beige, tan and gray, work in pops of color wherever you can.  Outdoor furniture in unexpected shades, textures and patterns is so fun.

An orange outdoor bistro set is so bright and sunny. Easily transform existing outdoor furniture with a simple coat of spray paint in a cheery color.

Swap out your outdoor pillows every season for a quick and easy upgrade.

Varying shades of blue keep a lounge area from becoming too matchy-matchy.

Feeling inspired? Let the home renovations begin!

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