Whether you spend more time in your car or your home, protecting what you own is invaluable. While you may have home and auto coverage, are you maximizing your policies to the fullest? There are other advantages with your insurance company you may not be aware of, like bundling your insurance policies. Check out these three reasons on why you should bundle your homeowners and auto insurance.

1. Save More Money On Insurance

Looking for affordable insurance for your house and cars? If you’re in the process of getting a quote for homeowners insurance or auto insurance, adding one to the other could help you save more money than paying for two separate policies at two different companies. For example, bundling more than one policy could qualify you for our Multi-Policy Discount of up to 17% in savings. Plus, there’s no additional cost to get started when you bundle at Personal Express Insurance. Our Homegrown Pros can help you figure out how much you can bundle and save.

2. One Company, Many Advantages

Keeping insurance in the family with one insurance company has many benefits. PEIC agents are humans first, and insurance agents second. Not only can you qualify for discounts, but you are also creating a relationship for personalized care and attention. We put our customers first by dealing directly with you to help you choose the right coverages for you. Our knowledge of the communities we serve is a local advantage when you buy directly from us.

3. Reassurance With Insurance

If you have a claim issue or forget to pay your insurance one month, you can walk in, call or contact your agent directly for any questions you have regarding your own personal insurance needs. We understand that life can get busy, so our number one mission is to make sure your assets are protected if your coverage lapses. We take the time to educate you on the types of coverages you may need. At Personal Express, the person who writes your policy is the same person that you can keep in your contacts in the event that you need them.

Bundle your home, renter’s, or auto insurance to save on insurance today. Buy local and buy direct! Call 1-800-499-3612, contact one of our local agents, or get a fast and free quote.

*The information provided in this blog is designed to give helpful advice on the topic discussed. It is not intended to provide legal or any other type of advice and is not meant to be a thorough discussion of every issue that a person should consider or may encounter. Personal Express Insurance is a brand utilized by the following insurance underwriting companies: Integon National Insurance Company and National General Premier Insurance Company. All policies will be underwritten by these two underwriting companies.

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